Circular down light manufactured primarily from die-cast Aluminium alloy.

Available in 8W option, fire rated (FR30, FR60 and FR90) and IP65 rated.

Tridonic COB LED with die-cast Aluminium multi-fluted heat sink.

Facetted polished aluminium reflector with a 40° beam angle.

Removable die-cast front bezel rotates to secure and detach.

85mm diameter bezel and 60mm deep.

Secured in to the ceiling using 2 stainless steel spring clips for strength and stability.

LED lumen package of 775 lumens when choosing the 4000K colour option.

Efficacy in excess of 86 lumens per Watt and a CRI>80 and with a rated lamp life of 70,000 hours.

Available in 3000K and 4000K colour temperatures.

Available with STandard non-dimming (ST), Dali Dimming (DD) or integrated Dali dimming bluetooth Mesh network (DM).

Converted to emergency with either Standard Emergency (SE) or with Dali monitoring Emergency (DE).

Installs in to plasterboard, or similar, ceilings.

Ceiling cut-out of 73mm diameter.

3 year parts warranty.

Part Number:

CL01-0007 product part number creator